15 Trivial Things Madison Bartenders Love to Hate to Hear:

15) “I’ll just have one of everything!”

14) “Hey. I’ll take good care of you, I’m a real good tipper.”

13) “What? This isn’t free?”

12) “What was this place before it was this place?”

11) “It’s 5:00 somewhere!”

10) “How long have you been working here?”

9) “You don’t need to write this down?”

8 ) “Do you have any specials going right now?”

7) “Would you mind changing one of these TVs to Fox News?”

6) “What would you recommend for shots?”

5) “I’m really just in the mood for a bloody mary.”

4) “So, what exactly is anĀ old-fashioned?”

3) “Just gimme the cheapest thing you have on tap.”

2) “What can you tell me about these beer sampler platters?”

1) “I’ll just go with a Spotted Cow.”