A Recommendation, If I May…

So, last weekend, I’m all, like, bruncking it up with some friends of mine, as we are wont to do on days off from our respective jobs and stuff, and I’m all like, “Hey Mr. Bartender, would you be so kind as to pour me a gin Greyhound?”

And the bartender’s like, “Sure.”

And then my friend Neti Pot says, “You should try that with muddled cucumbers in it, yo.”

And I’m like, “Girl, you cray.”

And she goes, “No, I’m for real. My friends call it a Whippet.”

And thenĀ I go, “I thought that was what we did in high school to get high.”

And she’s all like, “Whatever, that’s what they call it.”

And I’m like, “That’s a dumb name.”

And she goes, “Shit, son, I didn’t name it. Just try the damn drink.”

So I got the bartender’s attention, and I’m like, “Sorry, boss, but could I alter my drink? Sorry for the indecisiveness.”

And he’s like all apathetic and shit. “Whatever you want, bro.”

And he makes me the drink, and it is awesome. Despite the apathetically-muddled cucumbers. It was so awesome that I had a second one.

And then I went to a pig roast.



Readers, does this drink have an existing name (besides a Whippet) or what? Y’all gots ta let me know. And if you’ve never tried it, y’all best muddle some cucs in yo’ gin and juice!

*drops mic*

I’m outta here, Madison. Peace.