Actual Customer Interactions: A Sad State of Affairs

ME: What can a grab for you, sir?


ME: Sorry, we don’t carry Bud Light.

NTH: What?

ME: We don’t carry Bud Light. Everything on tap and in bottles is brewed in Wisconsin. Would you like to see a list?

NTH: You’re telling me you don’t have Bud Light.

ME: That is correct, yes. I do have some other light beers: Miller Lite, Leine’s Light…

NTH: How can you not carry Bud Light?

ME: Well, it’s not a beer that was ever brewed in Wisconsin.

NTH: Wow. You don’t have Bud Light. Coor’s Light?

ME: Nope. Also not made in Wisconsin. I do have over 150 beers to choose from, if you want to look at a list. Something might jump out at you. If you have any questions, just ask; I’ll pour you a sample of whatever sounds interesting.

NTH: I’m going to take my business elsewhere.

ME: Really? No Bud Light’s a deal-breaker?

NTH: I don’t drink fancy beer, and I don’t drink that Miller shit.

ME: There’s nothing you’d like to try?

NTH: Nope.

ME: Okay.