Actual Customer Interactions: An Unfortunate Impasse

ME: What can I get you?

LADY: You don’t carry Busch Light, do you?

ME: No, I do not.

LADY: But I drink Busch Light.

ME: Okay.


ME: That’s it?

LADY: That’s all I like.

ME: Surely we can find something else for you to drink besides Busch Light? Maybe a cocktail?

(I slide a drink menu in her direction.)

LADY: I don’t like the taste of alcohol.

ME: Just Busch Light.

LADY: Just Busch Light.

ME: Well, I feel as though we’re at an unfortunate impasse.

(She stares at me blankly for a moment.)

BOYFRIEND: (interjecting) Just get her the closest thing you have to Busch Light.

ME: (to the lady) Okay?

(She shrugs.)

(I grab a Point Special ‘Big Charlie’ can and set it in front of her, along with a pint glass.)

LADY: (mumbles to her boyfriend) I knew he’d give me something crappy.