Actual Customer Interactions: No Coffee On Credit

A woman walks into a bar that is not yet open for business, through the side door of the restaurant, which has been propped open so that employees may enter the building.


WOMAN: Yoohoo! (Waves from the doorway.) Good morning!

ME: Hello.

WOMAN: I know you’re not open yet, but would it be possible to get a Magnificent Coffee?*

ME: No, sorry.

WOMAN: (Pause.) Why not?

ME: Because we’re not open.

WOMAN: I know that, but can’t you just pour me one?

ME: I don’t have a cash drawer set up or any way to charge you for your coffee.

WOMAN: Well, you wouldn’t have to charge me.

ME: Yes, I would.

WOMAN: Couldn’t I come back later and pay?

ME: No.

WOMAN: Why not?

ME: Because we don’t give out coffee on credit. Do you have exact change? If you’re paying in cash and have $4.50, I might be able to work something out for you.

WOMAN: No, I’ll be paying with a card.

ME: Sorry, but in that case you’ll have to come back when the restaurant’s open at 11:00.

WOMAN: But that’s in an hour and a half.

ME: It is.

WOMAN: Why can’t I just have a Magnificent Coffee now?

ME: Because we are not open.

WOMAN: You are being very rude.

ME: I’m sorry you feel that way.

WOMAN: Well. You’ve lost my business.

ME: Okay.


* The real name of the coffee drink is not being used in order to protect the innocent.