Actual Customer Interactions: Grilled Cheese Burn

Two ladies walk into a bar, sit down, spread out work materials, order lunch….


L1: Is there a half sandwich and soup option?

ME: There is.

L1: I want a half grilled cheese and soup.

L2: I want the same exact thing–a half grilled cheese sandwich and soup–only I just actually want the bread and the cheese, none of the other detriments

ME: Accoutrements?

L2: What?

ME: Nothing. Sorry. A half grilled cheese with nothing on it, with soup. Got it.

L1: Actually, I actually want the same thing. Just bread and cheese.

ME: Two plain half grilled cheeses and soup.

L2: Just bread and cheese.

ME: Right.

(Places the order, food arrives promptly.)

ME: How’s everything look, ladies? Got everything you need?

L2: Um, we actually ordered half grilled cheeses.

(They’ve received full-sized sandwiches.)

ME: Well, it looks like the kitchen made a mistake. The good news is you get a full sandwich, and the better news is you’ll only be charged for what you ordered.

L1: A half grilled cheese sandwich.

ME: Right. All’s well?

(Walks away, is flagged back moments later.)

L2: Excuse me? This bread is burnt.

L1: Yeah, this bread is pretty burnt, actually.

ME: (thinking the sandwiches look fine) Shall we have the sandwiches remade?

L1: No, we won’t have time. We’re kind of in a rush.

L2: Yeah, we probably won’t have time to wait, actually. We just thought you’d appreciate knowing that the bread is burnt.

ME: Okay.

(Forty minutes later, the ladies are still leisurely working at the bar, and every morsel of food has been consumed.)

ME: (Clearing the two plates) What else ladies? How’re we doing?

L1: We’re ready for our bill.

ME: Sounds good. (Drops bill) Take your time with that.

L2: Um, you charged us for the sandwiches.

L1: He charged us for the sandwiches?

ME: I charged you for the half sandwiches you ordered. You received full-sized sandwiches.

L2: But the bread was burnt.

ME: But you ate the whole thing. Both halves. Both of you did.

L2: Most places would’ve taken the sandwiches off the bill.

ME: I don’t think I can really justify knocking any more off the bill since you ate everything of what would normally have been a $12 meal and are only getting charged $7.

L2: It just would’ve been a nice gesture, that’s all.

ME: I can grab my boss for you, if you’d like.

L2: No, we need to get back to the office.

ME: Okay.