Actual Customer Interactions: Let’s Try That Again. And Again.

Overheard on a recent night…

BARTENDER: Hey, what can I get you?

PATRON [an older gentleman, the self-appointed leader of a group of six]: I’ll have, ah, two Spotted Cows…


PATRON: And a Coors Light…

BARTENDER: I’m sorry, no Coors Light. Only Wisconsin beers. I’ve got Miller Lite, Leinie’s Light, and Pabst Light.

PATRON: Oh. Hm. Uh… [turns] Hey Jerry! No Coors Light! [indistinct muttering]

BARTENDER: Let me get those Spotted Cows for you. [moments later] Okay, what else?

PATRON: A Bud Light! And…

BARTENDER: Whoa, sorry. No Bud Light. Only Wisconsin beers.

PATRON: You just said you had Bud Light!

BARTENDER: I said I had Miller Lite, Leinie’s Light, and Pabst Light.

PATRON: But you said Bud.

BARTENDER: I… no. [deep breath] For light beer, I have Miller Lite. I have Leinie’s Light. I have Pabst Light.

PATRON: Oh. [turns] Jerry! Miller Lite? [turns back] Miller Lite.

BARTENDER: You got it. Anything else?

PATRON: Yah, a couple’a old sweet fashioneds, brandy!

BARTENDER: Close enough.