Actual Customer Interactions: The Continuing Story Of Diet Coke Jim

Diet Coke Jim walks into a bar for the second time today…

DIET COKE JIM: Do you like [your coworker]?

ME: Well, sure I do.

DCJ: I think that [your coworker] is pretty. Do you think [your coworker] is pretty?

ME: I do.

DCJ: What should I talk about with her?

ME: Well, I dunno. Maybe tell her that you think she looks really nice today. Girls like to hear that they look nice.

DCJ: Okay, I’ll try it.

Several minutes pass.

DCJ: Can I tell you something?

ME: Sure.

DCJ: I did it.

ME: Did what?

DCJ: I told [your coworker] that I think she looks nice today.

ME: Good for you. What’d she say?

DCJ: She smiled.

ME: Well, that’s a start, right?

DCJ: But now I don’t have anything else to say to her.

ME: I’m sure you’ll think of something.

DCJ: I really hope she doesn’t come back over here because I’m out of things to say to her.

ME: I wouldn’t worry yourself too much over it.

DCJ: I hope she goes home soon. (Holds out a crumpled beverage napkin.) Would you throw that away for me?

ME: Did you blow your nose into it?

DCJ: Yeah.

ME: I’m going to let you hold onto it, in that case.IMG_0137.JPG