Actual Customer Interactions: The Continuing Story of Diet Coke Jim

Diet Coke Jim walks into a bar, for the third time today….

ME: Hi, Jim.

DCJ: Can I have a Diet Coke?

ME: Sure.

DCJ: How many refills can I have this time?

ME: We’ll see. Depends on when we get busy. How many Diet Cokes do you think you’ve had today?

DCJ: Fourteen.

ME: That’s a ton of Diet Coke, buddy.

DCJ: I ate an orange today.

ME: Anything that’s not Diet Coke is a step in the right direction, as far as I’m concerned.

DCJ: Do you like oranges?

ME: I do.

DCJ: What about apples?

ME: I like those too.

DCJ: Do you like peaches and pears?

ME: It’s pretty safe to say that I like just about everything across the food spectrum.

DCJ: Do you like raspberries?

ME: Yup.

DCJ: Blueberries?

ME: Yup.

DCJ: I have a horrible rash on my backside.

ME: Well. That escalated quickly. IMG_2039.JPG