Actual Customer Interactions: The Customer’s Always…Something

A man in a suit walks into a bar….

ME: What’s goin’ on?

MAN: Good.

ME: Okay. (Pause.) Grab you a drink list?

MAN: No, I’m just gonna have something to drink. (Looks directly a at tap line.) What do you have on tap?

ME: I can grab you a drink list, if you’d like.

MAN: No, I can see them from here. What’s the one with the duck?

ME: Actually, it’s a heron.

MAN: A what?

ME: A heron. Any time you see a tap handle that looks like that, it’s a beer from Central Waters. That one in particular is a red ale.

MAN: So it’s not from Goose Island?

ME: No.

MAN: You’re sure?

ME: Pretty sure, yeah.

MAN: Is it like Spotted Cow?

ME: No.

MAN: What do you have that’s like Spotted Cow?

ME: I have Spotted Cow. Spotted Cow tastes like Spotted Cow.

MAN: I don’t want Spotted Cow.

ME: Okay.

MAN: (Pointing.) What’s that one?

ME: This one? It’s an amber ale.

MAN: No, the one next to it.

(He’s pointing to the Spotted Cow tap handle.)

ME: Well, that’s– (Sighs.) I’ll give you a sample.

MAN: (Samples the Spotted Cow.) Perfect. What did you say that one’s called?

ME: Lumpy Goat.

MAN: Who makes it?

ME: Bell’s.