Actual Customer Interactions: The Walker Hotel


A woman from out of town walks into a bar, mulls over the cocktail menu, etc….

WOMAN: This place has a really beautiful view.

ME: Thanks. It’s pretty great.

WOMAN: It’s really something.

ME: Yup.

WOMAN: I was wondering. Can you tell me what that building is across the street?

ME: That building? (Points.) Uh, that’s the Wisconsin State Capitol building.

WOMAN: (Vacant.) Oh.

ME: Fun fact: it’s the second largest capitol in the country, after the U.S. Capitol in Washington D.C.

WOMAN: Huh. (Pause.) So, it’s not a hotel?

ME: Nope. Definitely not a hotel.


ME: Yup.


ME: Would you like something to drink?

WOMAN: The man at the hotel told me I have to try a Spotted Cow. And the cheese curds.

ME: I’m sure he did.