Another tasting room comes to North Park in San Diego

Rip Current BreweryStone Brewery, Modern Times, Belching Beaver and now Rip Current. 30th street in San Diego is fast becoming a hotspot for satellite tasting rooms:

Over the past several years, a number of craft breweries situated in more distant parts of San Diego County have established more centrally located tasting rooms in San Diego proper, allowing them to offer their ales and lagers to urban patrons for whom a drive to North County or the coast is less feasible. For most, this has meant laying down stakes in North Park. – SD Reader

Some breweries are using these satellites tasting rooms as a way to extend their core beers. Others have decided to use them as places to release experimental beers, meads and ciders. All except Modern Times have set their sights on foodies, teaming up with local chefs. Modern Times is focusing on the beer and letting their neighbors in the building supply the tacos, JapaneseĀ cuisine and coffee.

I happen to live on the north end of 30th street and have considered pub-crawling its entirety. Between the tasting rooms, brew pubs and dispensaries running down that street, it just might be the most challenging urban obstacle course in drunk hiking history.