Are You Ready to Order? Bloody Marys

Tomato juice, celery salt, horseradish, lemon juice, Worcestershire sauce, pepper, plus many more creative flavors enhanced with booze  rounds out the quintessential brunch bevvy that has made it okay to drink before noon for decades: The Bloody Mary (I really wish England would call it a Fucking Mary, but that’s another story.)

The given is vodka for a Bloody Mary however, you may notice your favorite new brunch spot may give you options including gin, rum, whiskey, or tequila as a base for your spiced tomato drink. Finally they will top it off with a garnish medley that may include, but not be limited to pickles, asparagus spears, pickled onions, olives, stuffed jalapeno olives, olives stuffed with cheese, olives stuffed with olives, tomalives, broccoli, bacon, brussel sprouts,  lemon, and lime, and other salty citrusy things.

What You Should Know

When you ask to make your Bloody Mary “spicy” all you are saying is add Tabasco, or some other random hot sauce to your drink. See, all Bloody Marys – wait, strike that… I should say, all respectable Bloody Marys have recipes crafted by skilled bartenders that are meant to rock your world. So if you like your Marys with a bit of after burn, try asking your server to add a bit more pepper, or horseradish to the mix, or ask what the Bloody Mary options are (they may have a spicy infused spirit for kick), but what ever you do, do not ask, “Are your Bloody Marys good?” or, “Are your Bloody Marys spicy?”  More often than not you are going to get a “Yes” for the former, and a “No” for the latter. The only reason I say this is because those are the “safe” answers for most servers. With that said, you may very well want to just add Frank’s Hot to your B.M., I won’t judge, but before you go all willy nilly ordering a Bloody Mary only to be disappointed by the heat, or lack there of, in your Sunday morning dog hair, appreciate the variables that make a good Bloody. And give the one on the menu a shot before altering the recipe.  If you are not pleased with your drink I am certain your server or bartender will help you leave satisfied.

Bonus Note: If you’re in the mid west, you will most likely get a beer chaser, and while most taverns have a standard chaser for every Bloody Mary, you can often choose what flavor of chaser you’d like – so look at the beer list and nail your perfect Bloody Mary experience with a top notch brew.

OverServed, we’re here to help 🙂