Are You Ready to Order?

For me, it has been almost fifteen years of service to diners from all over the globe. With each diner, each group of diners, each group of diners that think they don’t need a reservation for ten, each group that don’t include a gratuity for the mess their children make, each group of diners that act like children and don’t clean up after themselves … I have served them and approached them with a degree of tolerance a Navy Seal torture expert could not master.  I have been patient, courteous, understanding, and helpful. However the one thing I have had to become (because it is what the industry demands,) is the thing I hate, the thing that makes me want to throw up all over the person who said “the customer is always right” … it is being passive aggressive.  So in the interest of all service industry folk, I want to make our guests aware of “the best practices when dining out.”

When you open a bank account, choose a new car, or a new house for that matter, you spend countless hours dreading whether it‘s the right decision or not. You want to be knowledgeable, and confident in your choice, right? All I ask is that you apply that same discipline when going out to have someone serve you. With that said, there are a few rules to insure your service will be filled with honest hospitable service, not the half-grinned-sour faced- does he know what I did to his food- look we learn to hide so well. Don’t think of them as rules, think of them as a guide to be sure you won’t wind up as fodder for blogs about asshole diners.

These guidelines are here for the benefit of all, follow them or not, OverServed is not responsible for the outcome of your dining out experience.

Today, I’ll start with any easy one:

Know what you want.

Before ordering know what you like, asking your server to recommend something is annoying. Why? Because there are so many complex flavors in food and drink that I may not like what you like. I have had cow tongue, and I liked it – now imagine me recommending it to you, and you hating it. Two things happen, you get angry and I don’t get tipped. And it’s YOUR fault!  But you won’t see it that way, you’ll take it out on me because I like the taste of tongue, and you thought because I did, you would too. This scenario plays out with a lot of diners, however it doesn’t have to. Teach yourself to learn flavors before going out, know what you want, it will make your service world a much happier place.

OverServed, we’re here to help 🙂

[This is the first of many, industry folk, please feel free to educate the world … we know they need it]