Ask the Audience Beer Review: Fore Smoked Stout

Last night, I and my panel of (unbeknownst to them) judges were whiling away the hours sampling various beers at Madison’s Tipsy Cow whilst bullshitting, solving the world’s problems, and other nonsense you don’t need to know about. The beer that caught my attention on this particular evening happened to be Dark Horse Brewing‘s Fore Smoked Stout. I asked each of our panelists (with no prior warning) what they thought about the beer; here’s what the gang had to say:

SMUTTY: There’s a lot of campfire.

ME: In the flavor? And what else?

SMUTTY: Smoked salmon.

ME: Great. Neti Pot?

NETI POT: It’s meaty.

ME: What? Meady?

NETI POT: No. Meaty.

ME: Oh. Alright. Sorry, I couldn’t hear you.

NETI POT: I’m also tasting smoked sausage.

ME: That’s what she said.* Snowed-In, what do you think?


ME: And a what the fuck?

SNOWED-IN: ‘Mocha,’ you asshole. You asked me, and I’m telling you. And kind of a chocolatey…coffee…thing.

ME: Which is a mocha. Nailed it.

SNOWED-IN: You’re a dick.

So there’s that. Here’s the description Dark Horse gives on their website:

Brewed with all malted barley and peat malt (smoked malt). This beer is full bodied with chocolate, roasted barley flavors, and a smokey almost BBQ finish.

Bam. The panel pretty much knocked it out of the park in terms of flavor profiling. Well, aside from the smoked salmon observation, perhaps. That being said, no one on the panel really seemed to actually like the beer.

I myself was not overly impressed either. My one-sentence review: Drinking this beer was kind of like licking out my parent’s sooty fireplace–only it was vaguely pleasant in a way with which I’m not entirely comfortable.

Do with this review what you will.

*Any “That’s what she said” comments were not at all a part of the original, actual conversation. Unfortunately. But they should have been, obviously. Because I’m a 12-year-old. Hence the asterisk.