At Home Booze Review: Wathen’s Kentucky Bourbon

THE BOOZE: Wathen’s Single Barrel Kentucky Bourbon (barrel number 778, hand bottled on 12/07/2011)

WHERE? My bed.

ARE YOU SHITTING ME? Nope. I’m sleepy. And cozy. And I’m in my comfies. And, yes, that’s what I call my jammies. Fuck off.


IS IT ANY GOOD? You bet it is. Very smooth for a bottle of 94 proof juice (most commercial bourbons (i.e. Jim Beam or Maker’s Mark) are 80 proof). I tried to get some on the shelves at the place where I work, and all of it got gobbled up so fast, it’s been on backorder for the last six months. Until now!

WELL, WHAT’S SO GOOD ABOUT IT? Um, first of all, it didn’t have to try very hard because bourbon is awesome. Aside from that, the nose is ridiculous: I found there to be delightful notes of brown sugar, nutmeg, and pixie farts. But that’s just me. And then there’s the taste. There’s a lot going on here (aside from the (stereo-)typical vanilla and oakiness); I would describe it as ‘dark.’ Is that vague enough for you? Add an ice cube and you’ll really be able to taste the caramel notes. Totally worth it.

WHERE CAN I GET IT? Look for it at your local liquor stores–I’ve seen it around. Last spotted at HyVee. It’ll retail at about $30.

DEEP THOUGHTS? I think I exhausted those hours ago. And the girls that live upstairs are distracting me with their poor acoustic rendition of Radiohead’s “High and Dry,” which they are performing badly and subjecting me to over and over and over and over and over and over…

WELL, WHAT NOW? I’m going to bed. Stop judging me. This is America.

Image of the kid on the bed courtesy of The other one is courtesy of me.