The Reluctant Beer Guy :)

I must confess, I hate writing beer reviews. In fact I don’t like writing blogs in general. I feel like I spend each moment trying to be more clever than the next, and that’s bullshit, because I really hate being clever. With that said, I like being funny – that’s different – but I fucking hate being clever. So you may notice that I don’t write as many reviews, or posts, or blogs as my cohorts ┬ádo … who like to be clever ­čÖé

Okay, that’s out of my system …

In Madison, WI, a new bar/brewery opened on the east side called One Barrel Brewing Company. I don’t know what that means, but I suspect that it is a brewery that brews one barrel at a time, or in turn, brews very small batches of beer. The place is in my neighborhood and I hadn’t planned on visiting them on their opening night, but I had a window around 11pm that inspired me to take a walk.

I walked in to a very crowded “Hipsterland”; so much so that I was not sure which trend was judging me hardest. I made my way up to the bar and was promptly greeted by two very friendly bartenders, and I liked that because they were clearly having an insanely busy night and did not go all sour puss on me. I was only going to try one beer and leave, so I quickly ordered their #2 Strong Ale (10% abv.) And it was pretty freakin’ ┬átasty, almost dangerous because the caramel notes in it cover the high octane of this brew. There is almost no bitterness in this ale, and I think it will be this breweries most successful sell.

As I enjoyed my strong ale, a few dissatisfied guests were returning pints of another beer on the list to the bartenders. I politely asked one of them, “So what did you order?” They said,

“The Sessions beer.”



They left, and I promptly asked for a sample of said beer. After tasting, my initial thought was the spectacular failure of “Hop on Top” by Chameleon (or Sprecher.) ┬áThe full name, I believe, was Commuter Kolsch (a sessions beer.) Those of you who know the “Hop…” disaster know what I am talking about, those of you who don’t, be thankful I am saving your taste buds. And then there is the sessions part of this brew … not one that I, or you, should partake in anytime soon.


First of all, this tasted nothing like a Kolsch, second of all, it tasted like a beer that sat in the sun with a pack of old cigarette butts in it.

Thankfully this did not ruin my visit. I applaud the feat these innovators are taking on. I love the atmosphere they built, and while I think there will be a few hits and misses with this endeavor, I see yummy success int their future.


I really love that I live in a city where I can experience extremely creative indulgence – that’s the only drug I need.