Belated At Home Instant Beer Review: Grumpy Troll’s Hoppa Loppa IPA

WHERE ARE YOU, SIR? At home, snug and safe.

WHERE WERE YOU? At the Grumpy Troll in Mount Horeb, WI. About an hour ago.

AND WHAT WERE YOU DOING THERE? I stopped in with two friends of mine for a couple of pints. Is that okay?

SURE. I DON’T CARE. Um, are we married or something? Did I miss something, Voice Inside My Head? Why are you acting so passive-aggressive? Did I slight you somehow?

NO, IT’S FINE. We stopped in for a bit, and I’ve decided to do a belated beer review of the beer I drank. I would have done the review at the bar, except there I had two fellows flanking me, and that would have seemed rude. Is that cool?

OKAY. THIS KIND OF THING HAS NOT REALLY BEEN DONE BEFORE ON THIS SITE, BUT I’M COOL WITH IT. We’re really not going out on a big ledge here. I hate to break it to you.

WHAT WERE YOU DRINKING? Grumpy Troll’s Hoppa Loppa IPA.

GO ON… It’s a nice, crisp IPA. I don’t know if it hit the spot because I was thirsty, or because it was that good. But it was good. I know that much. Really good.

WHAT DID YOU LIKE ABOUT IT? I’ll tell you: it is crisp and it is clean. And not clean in the sanitary sense, but clean in that ‘I’m-gonna-drink-you-and-you’re-gonna-go-down-easy’ way. Which is a good way to go. The Hoppa Loppa is a pretty basic American-spun IPA, and I think the beer excels in that there aren’t a whole lot of whistles and bells that go along with the recipe. The juice doesn’t rely on any ridiculously special strains of hops or some other weird and over-indulgent ‘secret ingredient’–it prides itself on its simplicity.

ABV? 7ish. Not colossal, but not meek.

DEEP THOUGHTS? Sometimes the easiest answer is the right answer, and this beer drives that point home: you don’t need any gimmicks to make a good, hoppy beer a good, hoppy beer. Just make a good, hoppy beer.

I am Ronald Peter Hunt, and I approve this message. Image pulled from