Can You Guess The Best Burger In Wisconsin?

It’s National Burger Month, you guys. Didn’t know it was National Burger Month? Neither did I. Because who, at this point, can keep track of all of the different overlapping months commemorating all of the overlapping bullshit that nobody should really care about.

But, hey, I like a good burger. In fact, I’m always in the mood for a burger. Some might argue (My doc, for instance.) that I eat too much in the way of burgers and red meat. He also may or may not have words to say about my alcohol and caffeine intake. And not taking proper skincare precautions when sitting for too long in the sun. Going to the dentist more often. Drinking more water on a daily basis. Etc. Etc.

My doc is a patient man. But that’s not what we’re discussing here. We’re discussing burgers.

And so what was voted the best burger in Wisconsin, according to Business Insider?

None other that Madison’s very own Tipsy Burger, a delicious, greasy, non-nutritious hangover cure I take advantage of on a regular basis.

WISCONSIN: Madison’s Tipsy Cow serves the delicious Tipsy Burger, made with two quarter-pound patties, aged cheddar, local Widmer’s brick cheese, bacon, pickles, onions, and a secret “Tipsy sauce.”


 I have no idea what criteria were used as a basis for this decision, but kudos to our friends at The Tipsy Cow, which happens to be where I spend a bunch of Friday afternoons, writing Instant Beer Reviews and gorging myself before an evening behind the bar.

Yes, I occasionally will enjoy a beer before work. I am (debatably) a grown adult, after all.

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