Big Beer Rumble: Pabst Suing MillerCoors


Beloved hipster brand Pabst is suing MillerCoors for allegedly fibbin’ about beer production capacity. Via the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

Pabst and its owner, Los Angeles-based Blue Ribbon Intermediate Holdings LLC, claim in a lawsuit filed in circuit court that MillerCoors has breached a long-term agreement to brew Pabst products without warning and after repeated assurances that MillerCoors had sufficient capacity to honor the deal into the next decade.

The lawsuit characterized MillerCoors’ moves “an improper attempt to frustrate Pabst’s contract rights, sabotage Pabst’s ability to compete and consolidate MillerCoors’ already large market share.”

In short, Pabst says that MillerCoors suddenly decided that it couldn’t continue to brew PBR

MillerCoors experienced a change of leadership last summer, when Gavin Hattersley replaced Tom Long as CEO. In September, Pabst claims, Hattersley began backtracking on claims about capacity and his company’s willingness to extend the agreement, and then announced the North Carolina closure [of the brewery where most Pabst products are brewed].

MillerCoors, which has been brewing Pabst products since 1999, suddenly claimed it makes no profit on the endeavor, which Pabst calls “facially false and made in bad faith.”

Tragic. Why can’t the purveyors of cheap yellow lager just get along? But don’t worry, Milwaukee, Pabst still intends to open a microbrewery in the city of its birth. Glory be. read the whole thing here.

And now for no good reason, enjoy Patrick Swayze in full disco mode enjoying PBR.