Booze News: 3 Floyd’s to Bottle Yum Yum

Booze News

From the OverServed Chicago Desk:

Via DNAINFO… Hate driving to Munster, but love Three Floyds? I sure do… especially because I don’t have a car.

Luckily, 3F’s is going to start bottling one of their tap room-only pours for all of the people! Meet Yum Yum—a session IPA to add to your Sunday Funday lineup (unless, of course, you’re like me and think it’s a good idea to rip shots of strawberry vodka even though you have work the next day…)

The only drawback about the release of Yum Yum is Three Floyds will stop bottling Pride and Joy. According to Nick Floyd. “Pride and Joy was always meant to be a cask-conditioned beer—a partially carbonated ale from a hand pump served at 50 degrees – but we put it in a bottle anyway. It’s got a lot of old-school Three Floyds fans, so it will still be around in kegs.” I guess that’s fair?

Yum Yum is expected to ship on Wednesday, so keep your eyes open. You should be able to get your grubby paws on a 6-pack by the end of the week!