Booze News: Beer, Balls, and Slushies

Booze News

Summer means drinkin’, and we’re coming up on a crucial time for the beer industry. “The most critical week is that of July Fourth, when sales traditionally are 30% to 40% higher than the average week.” Purchase a patriotically decorated can of macrobrew, won’t you? It’s the American way. (Wall Street Journal)

Speaking of patriotism, the USA will soon face Belgium in a ball-kicking match, and Belgium’s Prime Minister has challenged President Obama to a beer bet. Naturally this prompted NPR to analyze the two nations’ beer lineups. I have no idea what any of it means. I just know that there will be a man trying to kick a ball past another man standing in from of the net-hole. (NPR)

Japanese brewer Kirin Ichiban has created a beer slushy maker. The idea is to use the frozen beer to top off your glass of brew, which they claim will keep it nice and cold for a half hour after pouring. If you dread the prospect of tasting your beer, this is the miracle product for you. (Huffington Post)