Booze News: Beer Sales, Boilermakers, and British Mojitos

Booze News

SABMiller worldwide beer sales are down, and the megabrewer is blaming bad weather in China. (Sure, everyone’s always blaming China.) I thought that retro Miller Lite packaging was going to work like gangbusters. (Reuters)

The Boilermaker is back! Was it ever gone? Of course not; rare is the Saturday when I don’t stop by one of my favorite bars for their $5 PBR and Jamo shot special. But that can’t stop the New York Times from putting out the kind of lifestyle piece that includes the phrase “a symptom of the cocktail world’s recent loosening of its collective collar.” Never stop being you, Gray Lady. (The New York Times, obviously)

Remember mojitos? That blend of rum, simple syrup, mint, lime, and soda water that everyone was ordering eight or nine years ago? Turns out that as pubs have been serving more and more mixed drinks, the mojito is now the most popular cocktail in Britain. Way to stay trendy, Brits. I haven’t heard a bartender seriously complain about making a mojito in at least a year. (Daily Mail)