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Displeased with a Minnesota law that prevents him from selling his craft beer in stores, the owner of Barley John’s Brew Pub in New Brighton plans to build a new 10,000-barrel brewery across the border in New Richmond, Wisconsin. A) Ha! Take that, Minnesota! B) Seriously, though, these laws are everywhere and are stupid as hell. (

So bartenders hate the dirty martini? I had no idea. Naturally the answer was to spend two years creating an insanely complicated substitute involving olive distillate, custom olive bitters, olive shrub, and “a few dots of olive oil.” Jesus Christ, mixologists. You may have jumped the shark on this one. (New York Times)

The Canada Olympic House has a beer fridge that opens when you scan a Canadian passport. Fantastic. First they gave the world William Shatner, and now this. Bless you, Canada. (USA Today)