Booze News in Brief

Booze News

Sierra Nevada is working with breweries across the country to create a mixed 12-pack of beer. The breweries include Allagash, Bells, Oskar Blues, Three Floyds, and New Glarus, among others. “The Beer Camp Across America” (huh?) will be released in July. Keep your eyes peeled. Or “peel your eyes,” as my mother would say. She has trouble with metaphors. (

Bourbon sales are booming. You knew that. The impressive thing isn’t the actual numbers, but the rate of growth: after decades of decline, domestic whiskey sales have risen 40% in the past five years. I know at least three people who have played a direct role in that surge. (CNNMoney)

Some enterprising fellow has gone and created a bunch of cocktails inspired by Disney characters. I don’t recognize half of them because I haven’t seen a Disney movie in 20 years. And I preferred Warner Brothers cartoons anyway. Here’s my cocktail inspired by Elmer Fudd cartoons: Rye whiskey, carrot juice, Schlitz, two olives, one cocktail onion. Serve over ice and promptly spill all over yourself. (Geekologie)












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