Booze News in Brief

Booze News

Apparently there are a series of sporting matches going on somewhere in the world, and said matches involve patriotism. President Barack Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper are wagering cases of beer on today’s exciting game of ice golf. (Yahoo Sports)

In Wisconsin-centric news, MobCraft was rated the state’s best new brewer by (I’d just like to say that I’m a big fan of MobCraft’s logo.) They provide ratings for a number of states and regions as well. Bavaria’s best new brewer is Hans Müller Sommelierbier GmbH. Congratulations to them, too. (Madison Magazine)

The US Senate has a bipartisan craft beer caucus, which really should be their highest priority when you think about it. Oregon Senator Ron Wyden is the co-chair, which is a good thing given Oregon’s vast number of breweries. Let the political healing begin. (FoodWorldNews)

Coffee vs. beer: which makes you more creative? Gaze upon this handy infographic from I Love Coffee to find out.  Personally, I like to alternate both throughout the course of the day, and occasionally mix the two. I’m on my second Pabstaccino already. (Huffington Post)