Booze News in Brief

Booze News

A 17-year-old Texas high school student was recently suspended for accidently bringing a Coors Light to school. “It was an honest mistake,” he says. Coors Light? I’d say that’s grounds for expulsion. (UPI)

US macrobrew sales have diminished over the past few years, and nine major brands have dropped precipitously. Sales of Michelob Light, for example, have dropped 69.6% since 2007. Is this a shock? When was the last time you had a Michelob Light? (Time)

Chicago-area drinkers have some potentially inebriated experiences on deckThree Floyds has scheduled its Dark Lord Day (where you can snag the 15% ABV Dark Lord Russian Imperial Stout) for Saturday, April 26th. And Chicago’s Craft Beer Week has been set for May 15th – 25th. Mark your calendars. (ChicagoNow)

And in a tip o’ the hat to my rarely visited hometown… you can get an 80-oz boot of beer at the Lorelei Inn in Green Bay. You can also get potato pancakes, which are “really pretty good” according to my mother. She doesn’t just hand out random compliments regarding side dishes. The woman has high potato standards. (Green Bay Press-Gazette)