Booze News in Brief: Gin History, Bourbon Heritage, and Robot Bartenders

Booze News

Why did the English go bonkers for gin, which is, after all, a Dutch concoction? I don’t know. But if I watched this video, I would. I assume so, anyway. (Slate)

Parade Magazine has a somewhat useful feature? That in and of itself is rather shocking news. It seems that September is Bourbon Heritage Month, and everyone’s fourth-favorite cheap Sunday newspaper insert offers ten reasons to celebrate this arbitrary designation. Number 3: “It’s great in cocktails.” That’s seriously one of the reasons. I did not make that up. (Parade)

In yet another example of the inevitable takeover of civilization by robot overlords, Royal Caribbean has announced plans for robot bartenders (called “the bionic bar”) on its cruise ships. “It’s a single arm, and it will go get the ice and the mints and the lemons, and it will squeeze them and shake them,” claims the company’s chairman. And then it will undoubtedly do the same to the poor doomed passengers. Enjoy your deathcruise, old people. (USA Today)