Booze News in Brief: American Beer, Spring Drinkin’, and Bad Bourbon

Booze News

The Atlantic has a nice overview of the state of American beer. In short, domestic macro-brews are declining, imports are doing well, and craft beer continues to march forward, hobbled only by distribution issues. Fun fact: “Bud Light accounts for nearly as much market share as all the other non-top-10 domestic beers combined.” (The Atlantic)

Thrillist, tapping the brains of beer experts, has created a list of 17 beers to drink this Spring. I have to admit that I haven’t encountered too many of the suggested brews, so clearly I need to get off the Old Milwaukee train and start tasting decent beers again. (Thrillist)

The parent company of Wild Turkey is attempting to cash in on the booming popularity of bourbon. In addition to expanded distillery operations and new oddball blends, they’re also engaged in what they call “a marketing makeover for millennials” which “highlights individuals who embody the Wild Turkey spirit and aims to capture the next generation of bourbon drinkers.” You’ll pardon me for not being excited at the prospect of the kids getting hammered on shots of Wild Turkey Spiced(CNBC)