Booze News in Brief: Barley, Boston, and the Best Beers

Booze News

Wisconsin craft brewers, take pride in your homeland—the state’s barley production is up, rising 19% from 2012 to 2013. The Badger state will rule the brewing industry once more, it’s clear. (

Boston Beer Company, the brewer of Sam Adams, is spending money like a drunken Beantown fool on advertising with the hopes of staying ahead of smaller craft brewers. Expect more television ads discussing the delights of drinking a fine laaahgah. (

Using the power of computing machines, two Stanford eggheads have rated the 20 best beers in the world. Actually, they created a model to separate expert reviews from noobs on a beer rating website, but “20 best beers” makes for a better headline. Anything that results in Hopslam occupying a slot in the top 20 is fine by me. (Business Insider)