Booze News in Brief: Bourbon, Green Beer, and Scammin’

Booze News

Monday will mark the 100th anniversary of the invention of an abomination. “On St. Patrick’s Day 1914, a New York City coroner named Dr. Thomas Hayes Curtin stood before his associates and others at a Bronx social club and unveiled his wondrous invention: green beer.” And that’s the day that Irish-American dignity died. (

It seems that an ocean cruise helps to age bourbon, as tropical temperatures and the movement of the waves combine to improve extraction of color and flavor from barrels. “The bourbon went in clear as water and came out black. Bourbon always picks up color in the barrel, but this 4-year-old bourbon was darker than 30-year-old bourbon,” according to Jefferson’s Bourbon distiller Trey Zoeller. Naturally, he’s selling the stuff for hundreds of dollars. I’ll just float a bottle in the tub and see what happens. (NPR)

Fans of the Idaho Steelheads hockey team are suing for charging $7 for a “large” beer that, in actuality, contains the same amount as the $4 “small” beer. Outrageous. And of course, there’s video proof. Analyze the following as diligently as you would the Zapruder film. (ABC News)