Booze News in Brief: A Dearth of Limes, Among Other Things

Booze News

The 2014 World Beer Cup Awards Ceremony occurred last Friday (April 11) in Denver, Colorado. See the whole list here. Note that they’ve got Old Style winning the “American-Style Cream Ale” category. So, yeah. (

When you think of Scotland, you think of Scotch. Well, I also think of the Loch Ness Monster. But! Scotland is also the world’s largest exporter of gin, and Scottish distilleries are making a slew of new craft gins. Splendid. The world can always use more gin. I mean that sincerely. (The Daily Meal)

Speaking of gin, prepare yourself to garnish your gin & tonic with lemon. There’s a lime shortage upon us, people. Reduced supply from Mexico, a drought in California, and growing demand due to lunatic margarita drinkers have brought prices to a three-year high. When airlines eliminate limes on in-flight beverages, you know we’re in for some rough times. (Christian Science Monitor)

And finally… there was apparently a rather oddball bourbon ad that ran during the season premiere of Mad Men the other night. One which extolled the virtues of manhood, bourbon, and carpentry, I guess? Okay, sure. Please note that I’m pretty good at assembling IKEA furniture while smashed on PBR. Call me, ladies. (Gawker)