Booze News in Brief: FDA Meddlin’, Airplane Boozin’, and a Bad Starbucks Joke

Booze News

Brewers are pushing back against an FDA effort to implement more regulation of the practice of selling spent grains (the leftovers of the brewing process) to farmers as livestock feed. If you’ve ever been on a brewery tour, you’ve heard about this practice as an example of how “green” the particular brewery is. Lousy gub’mint, screwing up everything again. (Fox News)

Stemming from the increased availability of the good stuff in cans, you can get craft beer on more and more airlines these days. Southwest has New Belgium, JetBlue has Sam Adams, and regional carrier Sun Country has Midwest cult favorite Surly. I know someone with a fear of flying who may find this information very useful. Or she may just stick to getting hammered on those adorable little bottles of vodka. (

Continuing its quest to dominate the lucrative liquid-intake industry, Starbucks is expanding alcohol sales at US locations. If one of the options isn’t a venti double half-caf bourbonccino with an Angostura drizzle, I’ll be disappointed. (USA Today)