Booze News in Brief: German Gin! Texas Bourbon! Gov’t Weirdos!

Booze News

Gin—it’s what for dinner. And the “lost gin of Germany’s Black Forest” is coming to America. Inspired by the gin concocted by a British Royal Air Force pilot who settled in Germany after WWII, Monkey 47 is described as “sweeter and more rounded than a traditional London dry gin.” And it has Black Forest lingonberries. Who turns down lingonberries? Not me, that’s for damn sure. (MarketWatch)

Some people will tell you that bourbon comes only from Kentucky. These people are wrong. All it takes is 51% corn in the mash and the right combination of barrel aging and such. Given this, Texas distiller Garrison Brothers claims to be the first to produce bourbon outside Kentucky. Is it true? Who cares, just drink the stuff. (Forbes)

Who’s responsible for vetting all of the beer labels that crowd store shelves? A single, solitary, crazy Tax and Trade Bureau employee who goes by the nickname “Battle,” apparently. Those in the know describe him as “brusque, eccentric, clenched” as well as “bespectacled and somewhat awkward.” I know quite a few people like that. (Huffington Post)