Booze News in Brief: Recalls, Barrels, Baseball

Booze News

Heads up! Six-packs and 12-packs of Corona Extra beer are being recalled. It seems that there are “defects in certain bottles that could cause small particles of glass to break off and fall into the bottle.” Look, you shouldn’t have been drinking Corona anyway. Serves your right. (

In one of those “this-has-been-happening-for-a-decade-so-why-not-write-a-thinky-piece-on-it-now” kind of stories, The Wall Street Journal ponderously presents the phenomenon of barrel-aged beer. In a shocking development, they discover “a growing cadre of artisan brewers who are recycling used wooden barrels, in the belief that the residual flavors and lingering microflora from whatever liquid they previously held can enhance a beer’s aroma and taste.” Stop the damn presses. (

And in an attempt to catch up with the Twins and reclaim the rightful mantle as the beeriest franchise in Major League Baseball, the Brewers may soon have self-serve beer vending machines at Miller Park. This will require city approval, but it strikes me as a no-brainer. The less interaction with real humans on your way to inebriation the better, I always say. (