Booze News in Brief: Wherein I Make a Moons Over My Hammy Reference

Booze News

Anheuser-Busch and Facebook are testing out programs that allow users to buy interweb chums cheap beer via the social media monstrosity. Now you can annoy people with earnest political ignorance, cat videos, and Bud Light. Brave new world. (USA Today)

Jake Leinenkugel is stepping down as president of the brewery that bears his name and will be succeeded by his younger brother Dick. You probably may them from a never-ending series of Leinie’s commercials, including ones where they insist on pronouncing “Weiss” with a “W” rather than a “V” sound, forever ruining the pronunciation of thousands of middlebrow drinkers. (

Denny’s—yes, Denny’s—has made its way to Manhattan, and is serving booze. This includes the “Grand Cru Slam,” which involves two Grand Slam breakfasts and a bottle of Dom Pérignon, all for only $300. Things have clearly changed since the last time I stepped into a Denny’s and drank coffee for two hours while fiddling with a Moons Over My Hammy. (New York Times)