Booze News in Brief

Gorst Valley Hops in Wisconsin is developing a hops database aimed at ensuring quality control of the key beer ingredient. “The database is envisioned as a central web-based platform that a brewer, grocer, restaurateur or consumer could use to see exactly what happened during the hops’ growing process.” Hell, all of our other information is being cataloged by the gub’mint, Amazon, or Big Brother, so why not hops? (Wisconsin State Journal)

Indiana brewer Three Floyd’s is seeking to expand its brewery and add a distillery to its operations. And here I thought nothing good ever came out of Indiana. (Chicagoist)

In the run-up to the Sochi Olympics, Scottish craft brewery BrewDog mocks Vladimir Putin and Russia’s anti-gay nonsense with a new brew named “Hello My Name Is Vladimir.” Featuring a lebel with Warhol-style images of Putin, the beer contains Limonnik berries, “an ingredient mixed in Russian tea and regarded by some Russian hunters as a way to enhance sexual performance in men.” Fifty percent of the profits will go to gay-supportive charities. (The Moscow Times)