Booze News: Charity Brews, Tied House Woes, and a Dutch Invasion

Booze News

Beers brewed for charity is enough of a thing now to warrant a survey from USA Today. Green Flash’s Treasure Chest IPA and Scuttlebutt’s KEXP Transistor IPA  are among the highlighted brews. Seems to be a good way in which to trick misanthropic lushes into helping people out. Not that I’ve got anyone in mind. (USA Today)

A post-Prohibition law preventing tavern and restaurant owners from brewing beer is screwing with the plans of some Wisconsin craft brewers. The “Tied House” law was originally intended to prevent monopolies on brewing and distribution, but the Wisconsin Brewer’s Guild says that it “doesn’t adjust to the modern reality.” The law prompted one Milwaukee restaurant owner to expand in Chicago. The horror. (Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel)

And in increasingly familiar news, a giant brewery has snagged a substantial interest in a beloved craft brewery. Heineken has acquired a 50% stake in Lagunitas. This means that Lagunitas will no longer be considered a craft brewer, but founder Tony Magee “intends to continue to run Lagunitas and said the same leadership, staff, and brewers will remain at the company.” No word on whether Magee’s surreal Twitter feed will continue unabated, though we can only hope. (Fortune)