Booze News: Cheap Beer Roundup

Booze News

Take note, hipsters: The Pabst Brewing Company has been sold to Blue Ribbon Intermediate Holdings LLC, a partnership between Eugene Kashper (described as “an American beer entrepreneur”) and the investment firm TSG Consumer Partners LLC. The company will stay in Los Angeles and continue to contract with MillerCoors for the actual, you know, brewing. What’s a beer entrepreneur? How can I get that gig? (Milwaukee Business Journal)

The August Schell Brewing Company will be purchasing the Grain Belt Beer sign on Nicollet Island in Minneapolis, described as “unique resource and a valuable part of the city’s character.” Let’s hear it for historic preservation. But have you had Grain Belt recently? Still awful. (Brewbound)

The remodeled Brown Bottle Tavern in Milwaukee, originally opened by Schlitz in 1938, has reopened after a two-year hiatus. Schlitz is available on tap for $2, and one of the lunch options includes herbed spaetzle with seasonal vegetables. You had me at spaetzle. (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)