Booze News: Chicago Brewery Pipeworks Expanding

Booze News

From the Chicago Desk:

Local Chicago brewery Pipeworks has finally acknowledged its popularity by signing a lease on a 16,000 square feet space near Armitage and Pulaski (3912 W MacLean). According to the Chicago Tribune, “Pipeworks has ordered a 30-barrel brewing system that will allow it to increase production to about 6,000 barrels of beer in 2015.”

The new facility will allow Pipeworks to start canning five of their favorite brews year round: Ninja vs. Unicorn, Blood of the Unicorn, Close Encounter, and two newbies which are guaranteed to impress.

But wait… What will they do with their old spot? So glad you asked, my friend. The 1675 N Western location will be dedicated to creating and perfecting sours! Just make sure to hide them in your fridge in case some beer dummy cracks it open it despite you telling him he will not like it, takes one sip, and then declares it’s gross.

The good news doesn’t stop there. The new space will share a wall with Off Color Brewing to make for the ultimate craft brew experience. They’re going to share a patio, too. White people paradise!

Lets all rejoice. Thank you, Beer Gods.