Booze News: Chicago’s Lagunitas Tap Room to Open


From the Chicago desk:

People get ready!

Finally, after months—nay, YEARS!—of waiting, Chicago’s Lagunitas Tap Room will be open for business! There is yet to be any information posted to Lagunitas’s site, but owner Tony Magee, tweeted the following:


More from TimeOut Chicago

Situated in the rafters of the 300,000 square foot Lagunitas facility in Douglas Park, the taproom offers a 360-degree view of the brewery’s floor where kegs are filled and bottles are capped. Up to 300 people will be able to gaze down on the hop-eration, while munching on tasty brew pub grub and quaffing freshly-brewed Lagunitas beer.

I want to go to there.

(Pic from Lagunitas, specifically a t-shirt design that you may as well buy.)