Booze News: Craft Beer Sales Up 20% in 2013


Just when the world seem completely bleak and you lose all faith in your fellow man, a bit of encouraging news comes shining through the darkness. Via NPR, the Brewers Association reports that craft beer sales went up 20% last year. Overall US beer sales may be down due to the declining macrobrew market, but craft beer is going strong.

As a primary driver of growth in the beer industry, craft brewers saw an 18 percent rise in volume, representing a total of 15.6 million barrels, and a 20 percent increase in retail dollar value.

In 2013, craft brewers reached 7.8 percent volume of the total U.S. beer market, up from 6.5 percent the previous year. Additionally, craft dollar share of the total U.S. beer market reached 14.3 percent in 2013, as retail dollar value from craft brewers was estimated at $14.3 billion, up from $11.9 billion in 2012.

Check out the full press release for more details, along with some very nice infographics. More stats to come, as the BA will release the top 50 craft brewing companies on March 31.

 (Graphic: Brewers Association)