Booze News: FAA Grounds Beer Drones

Isn’t this just a shame. Lakemaid Beer was all set to be delivered by drone to thirsty, frostbitten ice fishermen in the frozen wastelands of Minnesota and Wisconsin… and then the gub’mint stepped in. FAA regulations apparently don’t allow for drone deliveries just yet. But that could change later this year.

AA spokesman Les Door said Friday that the FAA’s prime concern with unmanned drones is public safety in the air and on the ground, but that a case of beer could be lowered from the sky by a $15,000 — that’s the price of the DJI-S800 model drone used by Lakemaid — airship soon.

“We do expect to put out a proposed rule on small unmanned aircraft later this year and that rule will offer the regulations, policies, training standards and other things that will apply to a wide variety of users of unmanned aircraft under 55 pounds, including commercial operations,” he said.

Don’t worry, America. You’ll get your beer delivered by air soon enough. In the meantime, you’ll just have to continue to deal with loathsome human interaction for a while. Terrible, I know.