Booze News: Global Beer Domination, Bourbon Panic, and Sad Watery Brews

Booze News

After years of trying and failing to create a true “global beer,” Brewing monstrosity SABMiller is trying once again. Possible candidates from its stable of brands include Peroni and Pilsner Urquell. Wait, what about High Life? That would seem to be the obvious choice here. (Wall Street Journal)

Fans of the brown liquors, it’s time to panic. Due to the recent spike in bourbon’s popularity, a shortage has hit, and price increases are sure to follow. Pick another liquor, hipsters. May I suggest Jagermeister? (Business Insider)

Scandal! CenturyLink Field, the home of the Seattle Seahawks, has been selling watered down beer to the masses. “The Red Hook No Equal brand tested at 4.8 percent alcohol content against an advertised content of 5.2 percent. Shocktop was at 4.7 percent (advertised 5.2 percent). Bass Pale Ale and Budweiser were each off by 0.6 percent.” By god, this wouldn’t happen at Lambeau Field, I can say that for damn sure. Packer fans wouldn’t stand for it. (