Booze News: All Great Taste of the Midwest Edition


Holy damn, it’s the Great Taste of the Midwest today. Can you believe it? I sure as hell can’t. Lucky ticket holders, it’s time to shake off that hangover and prepare yourself for a beer holiday.

What am I talking about, you may ask? It’s only the second biggest beer fest in the country, and we’re on the 28th year. Read a nice capsule summary here. This will be my 12th consecutive year of attendance. Or is it 13? I forget. (Bucky’s 5th Quarter)

The program for the event was released a few days ago. You don’t want to go in like an unprepared nitwit, do you? Of course not. Peruse it here. (

Are your taste buds at full capacity for this beer madness? Perhaps you should impress your friends and family as a Cicerone (aka “beer sommelier”). “The Cicerone program emphasizes the selection, service, and enjoyment of beer.” I’m pretty good at the “enjoyment” part. As far as “selection,” well, I’m guessing Old Milwaukee would net me some demerits. (Isthmus)

(The charming fellow in the photo? Just I guy I ran into at the Great Taste back in 2005. I hope he’s there today.)