Booze News: Homebrewing On The Rise

Booze News

From the desk of the OverServed Style & Brewing Editor…

Homebrewing is on the rise! And The American Homebrewers Association has the data to prove it!

The survey, for the year 2013, gathered info from 408 brew and wine supply retail stores in 48 states and shows that sales grew on average by 10%. Hooray for beer!

From the press release

• Homebrew Beginners: There was a 24 percent increase in sales of beginner homebrew equipment kits. Beginner kits were most commonly purchased by 30-39 year olds.

• Revenue Brewing: For shops that primarily sell homebrew supplies, gross revenue grew on average by 10.5 percent in 2013. Additionally, the survey found that nearly 36 percent of businesses see homebrew/home winemaking supplies as a supplemental source of income, meaning a growing number of businesses are adding sales of home beer and wine making supplies to their existing portfolio.

• Opening Doors: There was considerable growth in new shop openings, with 37 percent of respondents indicating they have been open for three years or less. Furthermore, more than 60 percent of shops reported seeing a new shop open in their area in 2013.

• Beer vs. Wine: Sales of beer ingredients outpaced wine ingredients among home beverage supply retailers, with an average of 35 percent of retail revenue coming from beer ingredients versus 21 percent from wine ingredients.

Read the full report here.