Booze News: Hops Rising, Dixie Drinking, and Beer Lollipops

Booze News

Panic! A hops shortage looms! The average price of hops has almost doubled over the past decade, going from $1.88 in 2004 to $3.59 a pound last year, and specialty hops can go for $7 to $10 a pound. Come on, you lazy hop farmers. Start picking up the slack. (CBS Moneywatch)

Like an effervescent Ulysses S. Grant, the craft beer boom is finally invading the South. Prohibition-era regulations on ABV levels have been falling to the wayside, and craft breweries have sprung up in response. Good for you Dixie. I will refrain from making a Dukes of Hazzard reference. (CNNMoney)

Beer lollipops exist. Yes, they do, in three varieties: stout, IPA, and “lager,” which I’m guessing is supposed to be more narrowly defined as an American-style¬†light pilsner, given that a taster described the flavor as “the tepid, tasteless nectar of frat parties.” Sounds delicious. (Gizmodo)

Aw, hell… I can’t resist just one little Dukes of Hazzard clip…