Booze News In Brief

Madison-area favorite Furthermore Beer will soon be available in the Chicagoland area. Knot Stock (black pepper pale ale), Fatty Boombalatty (big Belgian ale), and Make Weight (triple pale ale) will be making their way to the Windy City. Enjoy, Chicago. []

Increased demand for Maker’s Mark is forcing the company to water down its bourbon, reducing the alcohol level from 90 proof to 84 proof. The powers-that-be “insist consumers won’t notice the change when the slightly weaker bourbon hits shelves in the next few weeks.” We need to test this, people. [USA Today]

Want yet another overwrought New York Times story about the craft renaissance of a niche product? Behold! Artisan vermouth! “Now, in the current craze for craft spirits, the drink is in resurrection mode… Vermouth is creeping back into the glass in its original form, as an aperitif sipper on its own.” I still prefer a dry martini. [New York Times]