Booze News: Insulting Indiana and Utah For No Good Reason

Booze News

“Beer waste.” Normally a phrase that implies dumping out an Old Milwaukee, but no, it’s actually the leftovers from the brewing process that are usually taken by farmers to feed to cows. And now it turns out that it can be used to “promote bone regeneration.” Once again we see that beer is a glorious, holy thing. (ScienceAlert)

Indiana, being the backwards flatland it is, prohibits grocery stores from selling cold beer. A federal judge has rejected a challenge to this law, saying that the state has “legitimately drawn a line by only allowing liquor stores to sell cold beer.” You didn’t need yet another reason to avoid this den of Hoosier idiocy, did you? Of course not. (WLWT)

Speaking of oddball states… Utah looks to take a great leap forward and tweak the rules that apply to one-time liquor permits, which means that the Snowbird Ski Resort’s Oktoberfest will most likely include beer. Yes, Oktoberfest with beer. Congratulations, Utah. It’s a brave new world. (Salt Lake Tribune)