Booze News: Just Skip Right to the Count Chocula Beer

Booze News

Octopi Brewing, previously planned for Madison’s southeast side, is instead looking to set up in Waunakee, Wisconsin. Waunakee, as is well known, prides itself on being “the only Waunakee in the world.” That’s… impressive? (

An Oklahoma beer delivery driver heroically averted a convenience store theft when he subdued and sat on a dastardly 14-year-old truant. Brock Nulph, in addition to having a fantastic name, has earned the lasting affection of the store’s clerk. “I love that Coors man,” she said. Bravo. (New York Daily News)

Beloved cereal spokescartoon Count Chocula will appear at the Black Bottle Brewery in Fort Collins, Colorado, for the release of Cerealiously, a Count Chocula-infused milk stout. I would drink that. Anything made with Franken Berry or Boo Berry, no damn way. But Count Chocula? Hell yes. (